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Why Your Business Address is Your Next Revenue Opportunity

One of the most effective strategies to scale your coworking business is by introducing a Virtual Office offering, which includes a business address.

Scaling your coworking business beyond the constraints of physical space is a crucial goal for growth. One of the most effective strategies to achieve this is by introducing a Virtual Office offering. Many entrepreneurs and business professionals are driven by the need for a credible and convenient business address, and that’s precisely what a Virtual Office provides. Start learning how to create and use Virtual Offices for your business with our ebook Your Guide to Nailing Your Virtual Office Offering.

But what exactly is a business address?

Think of it as the official home base for a business, the place where it’s legally registered and where its operations are conducted. Business addresses are commonly used by a range of professionals, including entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, independent contractors, professional service providers, and even e-commerce or online businesses.

A business address is an important aspect of a Virtual Office

In a Virtual Office offering, there are four key components: a business address, physical space(s), telephony services, and postal mail services. The primary reason entrepreneurs and business people seek a Virtual Office is for a reliable, professional, and sometimes prestigious business address that adds credibility and convenience. Here are more reasons why your customer needs a business address:

1. They are a small business owner and value privacy.

Using a home address as a business address can save money when starting a new business. It is convenient for business owners to have all their mail delivered to their homes since they don’t need to visit another location to collect it. But, and it’s a big but, publicly associating a home address with a business might compromise privacy and may lead to unwanted attention and unexpected guests – no, not the welcome kind. It also limits a person’s flexibility to change their business location as needed.

2. For legal compliance.

Certain jurisdictions have restrictions on using residential addresses for certain businesses. To avoid legal trouble, it’s essential to check local regulations, zoning laws, and any required permits:

  • When registering a business, official government registration typically requires an official business address, and P.O. boxes may not be accepted. Listing a home address as a business address could also violate zoning restrictions in some areas.
  • Maintaining a separate business bank account may require a business address, which could become complicated if they have multiple accounts.
  • Wait, there’s more! When creating a business website, the business owner will likely need a business address, not only for domain registration but also for displaying on their site. It helps with looking legit and, in some cases, legal compliance.

3. Their business needs to maintain a professional image.

Having a physical business address is like a credibility boost. It fosters customer trust more effectively than a home address or P.O. box. Additionally, it enhances the business’s brand and professional presence without having to pay for the cost of renting an actual office. Basically, it signals that the business is established and legitimate.

4. They need efficient mail management.

A physical business address allows for the delivery of essential office supplies and documents, which can be restricted when using a P.O. box. Also, because an address is needed in many situations, a home mailbox may be filled with lots of mail, including tax and government documents, bills, bank statements, legal papers, contracts, and more. As a business grows, managing this influx of mail can become a bit too much (ok, overwhelming!), especially with an expanding customer base, new partners, investments, and products. Also, a reliable business address ensures stability, regular access, and weekend availability for postal workers, preventing the use of a home address that may lack security or timeliness. 

For you, implementing mail services means more mail = more money! Want to know more about increasing revenue? Here are 5 Ways to Increase Your Revenue with Virtual Boxes

5. Location, location, location!

Many businesses, including fintech companies, choose Virtual Office memberships based on the desired zip code or area. (FYI: with a prestigious location you can command higher pricing, but even if you’re not in the most prestigious area, a thriving Virtual Office is possible.)

📌 Pro Tip: Promoting your Virtual Office for company incorporation helps retain customers. Companies often prefer to keep their original business address listed on incorporation documents due to the hassle and fees associated with changing it at the State Department.

📌 Pro Tip 2: Download our ebook Your Guide to Nailing Your Virtual Office Offering today to start learning how to create and use Virtual Offices for your business!

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