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5 Ways to Increase Your Business Revenue with Virtual Offices

The up-and-coming virtual office market provides an opening to tap into new revenue opportunities no matter the size of your space, giving you freedom from your square feet.

As postal mail operators, we generally focus on real estate, physical locations, and hospitality. Unfortunately, we may overlook other revenue opportunities that we can benefit from besides office space offerings. For example, a virtual office can add additional revenue, regardless of your physical space, with little or no investment.

As the flex world evolves and remote work becomes increasingly popular, so do virtual offices and virtual mailboxes. The up-and-coming virtual office market provides an opening to tap into new revenue opportunities despite the size of your space, giving you freedom from your square feet.

How to Increase Your Revenue with Virtual Offices

1. Monetize your business address

One of your business’s most valuable assets is its address — especially in a prime real estate area. Virtual offices and mailboxes allow you to monetize your address even further by offering your customers a physical address to send and receive mail. Customers can also use your address for incorporation purposes. Coworking space operators can also expand their membership offerings without being limited by their actual physical space capacity.

2. Offer Various Virtual Office Tiers

Why limit yourself to offering just one virtual office plan? Maximize revenue by creating three plans priced from lowest to highest. This way, you can tailor to more than one demographic and offer several options so prospects can choose the one that best fits their business’s needs.

3. Offer Complimentary Perks Within The Plans

Besides having a good business address, one way to justify a higher-priced virtual office is by including additional perks within the plans to add more value. You can offer various amenities, such as 2-3 day passes a day per month and conference room hours in the different packages.

4. Offer Mail Handling Services

More mail? More revenue! While handling mail can seem tedious, it is one of the easiest ways to generate income, especially when using postal mail management software. When using PilotoMail, you can create unlimited offering plans with different mail handling fees for requests, such as open & scan, forwarding, shredding, and more.

5. Upsell Additional Virtual Mailboxes

If you have a member with multiple companies, upsell them a different mailbox for an additional cost. They will benefit from having their mail organized by a company instead of having unorganized pieces of mail in one mailbox. Within PilotoMail, you can easily create an “upsell” plan to offer virtual mailboxes as an add-on.

About PilotoMail

PilotoMail is a mail management platform powering mailroom automation and virtual mailboxes for the remote workforce. By giving mailrooms a digital-first makeover, mail operators can deliver outstanding services all while managing large volumes of mail efficiently, complying with all postal regulations easily, and increasing revenue effortlessly. 

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