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Global Coworking Unconference Conference 2023

How to Add to the Bottom line Without Opening a New Location

Garret Tichy from Hygge Coworking and Cohatch asked a fundamental question during the panel he was moderating: “Non-Traditional Offerings and How They Will Impact your Business”.

Garret Tichy from Hygge Coworking and Cohatch asked a fundamental question during the ‘Non-Traditional Offerings, and How They Will Impact your Business’ panel he was moderating. The question: What can we do to add to the bottom line without opening a new location? We are limited by walls and space.

What can we do to add to the bottom line without opening a new location? We are limited by walls and space.

This question resonated with us deeply. Why? As operators, we have felt what it’s like to be limited by square footage, so much so that we have built an entire platform on the premise that you do not need an infinite amount of square feet to have a successful and profitable business!

So what can you do when you are limited by square footage?

Below are the traditional answers we have used in our spaces and continue to use. They work, but their growth capacity is stagnant, and let’s be fair, they can only do so much for the bottom line.

➡️ Member events

➡️ Space as a venue

➡️ Partnerships 

➡️ Promotions, promotion & more promotion 

➡️ Whatever else we have tried and tested as a way to increase revenue.

⏰ The Reality...

The reality is that at their best and most successful, all of these strategies bring in new clients and some revenue into our spaces. However, as previously stated, the capacity for growth diminishes over time.

How have we hacked revenue growth at our spaces? Virtual Offerings with our Mail Management Software.

For those of you that know our story, you know that PilotoMail was built out of our own necessity to scale and find software that could handle our mail operations. Today, our Virtual Offering accounts for over 40% of our ARR at our spaces. Yeah, that’s quite an addition to the bottom line.

How do we do it?

PilotoMail was built with operators in mind, as such, plans are completely customizable, and pricing models are left for you to design and decide. It’s your business, you run it how you want to. We just provide you with the platform to make your mail operations as seamless and profitable as possible.

How do we make money off of our mailroom operations?

  1. We save an incredible amount of time: Time is money. Indeed it is. If you have ever spent more than five minutes inside a mailroom or managing mail elsewhere, you know precisely what we mean when we say that it can monopolize your schedule. On top of regular mail management, becoming a Certified Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) can be another long and tedious process. At PilotoMail, we have automated the compliance process, making it as easy as adding a signature to the paperwork. Yes, it truly is that simple! Here’s a bit more about becoming a CMRA.
  2. We customize our plans to fit our business needs: Mo’ mail, mo’ money (isn’t that how that one song goes?). With PilotoMail, your Virtual Mailbox plans are left to you. If you want to charge for some things and leave others free of charge for your customers, it’s entirely up to you. We provide you with the tools you need to make it happen. We even have a self-serve link that can be embedded into your website so your clients can sign up for a virtual plan all on their own! While we’re talking about how much to charge for the services, with us, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or revenue sharing at any given time. Clients are yours, because the business is yours 😉
  3. Clients get a product they love from a company they recognize: Our white-labeled interface feature offers a customizable platform to present your Virtual Offering. It allows you to tailor to your brand, with customized logo and color options. Our intuitive, user-friendly platform makes creating a unique look and feel for your product easy, ensuring your clients get a product they love from a company they recognize.

PilotoMail offers many other ways to help you maximize revenue growth, but these unique features are designed with people like you in mind. Whether you’re a solopreneur running an entire operation by yourself or an overwhelmed community manager, we built PilotoMail for you because we were in your shoes once. (To be fair, we’ve never stopped running on borrowed time at our locations.) With great success comes great responsibility, but we’ve certainly hacked the cap on revenue growth. Walls and space are no longer limiting factors, as Garrett put it when he asked the question that sent us on a quest for an answer. Maybe it’s time for you to break away as well…


About PilotoMail

PilotoMail is a mail management platform that creates recurring revenue streams for mailrooms through postal mail handling automation, and virtual mailboxes for the remote workforce. Property managers, coworking spaces, mail centers & registered agents can handle large volumes of mail efficiently, comply with all postal regulations, and increase revenue from their existing footprint effortlessly.

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