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The Genesis of PilotoMail

Read on for the story behind PilotoMail, the mail management software for virtual mailboxes.

Our Story

PilotoMail’s story starts off in 2012 on a small island tax haven in the middle of the Caribbean. Sofia and JC Stolberg had just moved back to Puerto Rico, ran their own businesses, and were searching for a coworking space to network with like-minded individuals. 

Noticing that coworking was not a thing on the Island, they took it upon themselves to launch the first coworking space. They named it Piloto 151, adopting the pigeons found in the plaza in front of their building on 151 San Francisco Street as their mascot. 

Since that first location, the pilot pigeon (Piloto means pilot in Spanish) has spread its wings, becoming the iconic brand behind the now largest coworking operation in Puerto Rico, spanning over 60,000 square feet of commercial real estate across four unique locations. 

Piloto151’s mailroom before PilotoMail.
So what does postal mail have anything to do with setting up and scaling coworking spaces, you ask? In a word, everything!

When more and more members started joining Piloto, we started receiving more and more mail. Everything from State Department notifications to EIN numbers, IRS letters, client checks, and packages of all sizes. At some point, we were literally being buried in the postal mail, over-burdened with manually tracking mail and postal regulation compliance.

Piloto151’s mailroom after PilotoMail.

And that is the story of how PilotoMail was born (yes, it’s another pigeon, but this time a messenger one, of course). PilotoMail not only helps us handle over 500 pieces of unique mail a day for over 2,000 members. It has helped us acquire 40% more virtual offices just by virtue of being able to offer our members virtual mailboxes with 21st-century mail management and handling services that make postal mail as easy as email.

On top of that, our existing customer base is paying more for premium mail services that we couldn’t offer before, including open and scan, forward and deposit checks requests. And did we mention that it takes us a quarter of the time to handle the mail because of our mailroom automations and our fully automated CMRA process.

Using PilotoMail, we turned our “mail problem” into a revenue opportunity. Close to 40% of our revenue now comes from Virtual Office offerings that we’ve scaled way past our square footage footprint. Since then, we have onboarded thousands of coworkers to our platform from flex office operators across the country who are also freeing themselves from square feet! 

So if you are in the flex office industry and want to start making more revenue off your virtual office offerings today with as little effort as possible, join us in signing on to PilotoMail, and growing your revenue beyond the square footage cap of your physical spaces.  

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