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Scaling Virtual Offices: Making the Most of Your Physical Space

Make your Virtual Office offering even more enticing in today’s dynamic coworking environment by making the most of your existing physical space.

We’ve been around the coworking block for almost a decade and had our fair share of ups and downs while expanding. This roller-coaster of a journey led us to develop and launch a mail management software, PilotoMail, that helped us scale our Virtual Offices to the point where they made up over 40% of our income. Our goal is to help other coworking spaces do the same, breaking free from the space limitations that can hold back growth and profits. Start learning how to create and use Virtual Offices for your business with our ebook Your Guide to Nailing Your Virtual Office Offering.

A Virtual Office Offering

A virtual office is a service that provides businesses with a professional business address and a range of support services without the need for a physical office space. With a virtual office, businesses can establish a presence in a prestigious location, which can enhance their image and credibility. A Virtual Office package typically includes four components: a business address, access to physical workspaces, telephony services, and postal mail management. To sweeten the deal, it can also include add-on services that can be mixed and matched to create a Virtual Office package. 

But let's dive deeper into a question you might be asking yourself: "How can you maximize your existing physical space for your Virtual Office offering?”

A great way to maximize your coworking space is by offering access to your physical spaces through day passes and conference room hours in your Virtual Office memberships. The number of passes and hours included in your offering plays a vital role in determining the pricing of your Virtual Office and can be used to establish various membership tiers. 

Additionally, To further accommodate the changing needs of Virtual Office members, consider offering discounts on extra day passes or conference room hours. For instance, if a member wants to bring a colleague or has a month with increased meeting requirements, they can do so at a reduced cost. This flexibility enhances the value of your offering by allowing you to cater to the varying needs and budgets of potential clients.

As coworking trends evolve in the era of hybrid work, some spaces are cleverly incorporating day office usage into their offerings to provide additional benefits between member rotations.

To make your Virtual Office offering even more attractive, consider providing Virtual Office members with complimentary access to paid events hosted by your coworking space. These events are excellent opportunities for networking and collaboration with other professionals, adding significant value to your Virtual Office offering. 

Additionally, you can hook up your members with access to local on-site community resources and perks. This might include discounts on hotels, gyms, or other businesses that are close to your coworking space. These extra perks not only make your offering more attractive but also foster a sense of belonging within your coworking community.

📌 Pro Tip 1: If you have multiple locations, explore the option of creating a global Virtual Office plan that allows members to use their passes and conference room hours at any of your facilities. You can find more details about this in the Add-On section in our ebook.

📌 Pro Tip 2Download our ebook Your Guide to Nailing Your Virtual Office Offering today to start learning how to create and scale Virtual Offices for your business!

About PilotoMail

PilotoMail is a mail management platform that creates recurring revenue streams for mailrooms through postal mail handling automation, and virtual mailboxes for the remote workforce. Property managers, coworking spaces, mail centers & registered agents can handle large volumes of mail efficiently, comply with all postal regulations, and increase revenue from their existing footprint effortlessly.

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