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Coworking Europe 2023


Our Experience at Coworking Europe 2023

Fresh from the vibrant Coworking Europe event in Porto, the PilotoMail Team is buzzing with insights. From navigating coworking profitability to mastering smart pricing strategies and building dream teams, join us on a journey that explores the transformative role of technology.

  • By Rose Rivera
  • December 18, 2023

Coworking Europe in Porto

The PilotoMail Team got back from the bustling energy of Coworking Europe in Porto, still buzzing with ideas and inspiration. It was a first for PilotoMail, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you our main takeaways from the event.

Navigating Profitability within Coworking Spaces

Every attendee can agree that a main part of our introduction to the event was the Deskmag survey—an incredible eye-opener revealing that only half of coworking spaces are profitable. This was a moment of realization about the intricate balance and competition within the coworking ecosystem. It set the stage for everyone, from coworking operators to us as mail management providers, to dig deeper into what makes our industry profitable beyond the limits of our spaces.

Tackling Inflation with Smart Pricing Strategies

The discussion on pricing policies during times of inflation was particularly relevant. Leaders such as Nevena Bacheva and Lisa Zettlin shared their approaches to maintaining financial health through meticulous KPI tracking and CRM organization. This session served as a masterclass in adaptive pricing and cost management strategies, a crucial aspect that we at PilotoMail find essential.

Building the Dream Team

Assembling a stellar team is an art form, one that many of us wish to master. When you have a great team, you see great results, particularly in coworking spaces where the main focus is community building. Focusing on soft skills, employee well-being, and cultural sensitivity are ways in which, as employers, we can ensure the health of our team and our community. The link between staff turnover and member retention was a crucial takeaway, underscoring the importance of nurturing our team to foster a loyal community. After all, community exists in the spaces you nurture it, and having a staff that loves to be in your spaces can make your members love it too.

Leveraging Technology for Operational Excellence

As technology providers, we were particularly drawn to the panel discussions on tech, featuring voices like Justin Harley and Boris Madinov. The consensus on the transformative role of AI and tech integration in optimizing coworking operations aligned closely with our vision at PilotoMail. We’re excited about the possibilities AI offers in enhancing both operational efficiency and member engagement. From member onboarding with ChatGPT to conflict resolution and language support, the potential of AI in revolutionizing coworking spaces is truly inspiring.

Our first experience at Coworking Europe was an amazing one.

Yes, AMAZING. It provided us with a wealth of insights into the status of Virtual Offices in Europe, as well as what European operators are seeking and experiencing in their coworking spaces. From the use of AI to standardize processes to understanding the elements that make a coworking space profitable in an ever-changing industry, there was something for everyone.

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