White labeled

Maximize Brand Identity with PilotoMail's White-labeled Interface

In a market with such tiny differentiators between businesses, your differences are what make you grow and expand.

Branding 101 is in session.

I would be remiss if I did not emphasize how crucial it is to curate and establish a strong brand identity. In an industry where so many companies share a business model and, more often than not, amenities, what sets you apart is how good your brand presence is…or the lack thereof.

I speak from experience. Let me give you a tangible example of branding 101: if you have seen our team at any point, you’ve seen us wear purple. With branding, every detail is as equally important as it is intentional. We didn’t set out to build a purple wardrobe; we built an indigo brand. The hues on our closet came after, but they are a reminder that there are real people behind our product, a team you see and recognize from a brand you now see as a viable option for your business growth.

Now that you know how branding works, here’s why PilotoMail’s (PM) white-label interface is an excellent tool to maximize your brand identity and take your Virtual Offering to the next level:

  1. Customizable Platform: PM’s white-label interface allows you to customize your mail management dashboard with your company’s logo and colors. This customization enables you to create a consistent brand identity across all your channels, including social and web platforms. This means that when your clients log in to check their mail, they will see you as a business and brand. To be quite frank, there is no use in offering a product that does not look and feel like you to YOUR customers. Take advantage of customization while available; your renters get a product they love from a company they recognize. It’s a win-win.
  2. Set Yourself Apart: In an industry as competitive as the flex-work industry, branding, more often than not, can be the “it” for why a client chooses you instead of the big-name space down the block. You’re probably not the only space offering virtual offices in your area, and definitely not within state limits, but you have an advantage. With a white-label interface, you’re not selling your customers third-party dreams; it’s an in-house operation that automatically elevates your positioning. A flex operator with their own Virtual Mail Management Platform? Sounds pretty sweet to me.
  3. Build Trust: When I mentioned before that your customers get a product they love from a company, a brand, and a TEAM they recognize, I mean just that. They already trust you with their time and money in other aspects; the last step into cementing a relationship of trust between your client and you as an operator is the cohesive branding frontier. It is why so many big-name companies take forever and some more to do those pesky re-brandings that were oh-so-needed. People recognize them by brand alone, and they trust them as such. When you give your renters a digital mailbox with your brand, you’re not selling them a product they might like; you’re extending your service offering, and a Virtual Mailbox just so happens to be the newest perk.

Your difference is what makes you grow.

I’ll close this out by saying that in a market with such tiny differentiators within businesses, you have to take every chance you get to set yourself apart. In a lot of cases, your difference is what makes you grow, move and expand. What PilotoMail’s white-label interface offers you is an opportunity to create a consistent brand identity, build customer trust and loyalty, and stand out from the competition. 

About PilotoMail

PilotoMail is a mail management platform that creates recurring revenue streams for mailrooms through postal mail handling automation, and virtual mailboxes for the remote workforce. Property managers, coworking spaces, mail centers & registered agents can handle large volumes of mail efficiently, comply with all postal regulations, and increase revenue from their existing footprint effortlessly.

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