engulfed in packages

Managing Unpicked Mail In Your Coworking Spaces

Got too much mail? It happens, especially during the holiday season when incoming packages don’t seem to end. 

Last holiday season, it was estimated that between 850 million and 950 million packages and letters were transported all over the world. While it fills our hearts with joy to receive holiday letters from our loved ones, it also fills our mailrooms with lots and lots of packages from our members.

Of course, we can always store these letters or packages, but what happens when the time held is a little too much?

In our case, we have dealt with all kinds of situations — from letters that bundle up for more than a year to receiving carpets and mattresses. Speaking from experience, believe us when we say holding members’ mail for long periods of time is not only unprofitable but can start to affect daily operations in your business. Imagine when it comes to big packages taking up space in your mailroom or reception area.

So, what to do when we have tons of mail and packages that haven't been picked up?

This is one of the issues we constantly encounter in our coworking spaces. It’s the reason we added all the necessary features to our mail management platform, PilotoMail, as it helps mailroom operations not only to operate more fluently and efficiently but also allows you to monetize a lot of extra tasks that we seem to be fulfilling anyway.

One of our latest features and, I have to say, a game changer at our coworking spaces, Piloto 151, is our storage fees.

Let's dive into what exactly you can do with this feature.

1. You get to customize and set thresholds for postal mail and packages. This means you choose if you want to offer free storage for a set amount of days and how much you want to charge every day until it is marked as picked up.

2. You can set the storage thresholds and prices depending on the type of package or piece of mail. You know, here at PilotoMail, we live for customizations, and you control what you offer in your spaces. It’s only fair that storage for a light piece of mail isn’t the same as let’s say, a huge box.

3. You finally encourage your members/renters to pick up their mail and redeem more space for incoming mail.

In conclusion, we know that there’s no shortage of packages and letters arriving in our mailrooms, what we lack is the space to hold them in forever. Our storage feature at PilotoMail was designed with this in mind, to minimize accumulated mail while maximizing profit. So, this holiday season, make the most out of this new feature and open space for all the new mail!


About PilotoMail

PilotoMail is a mail management platform powering mailroom automation and virtual mailboxes for the remote workforce. By giving mailrooms a digital-first makeover, mail operators can deliver outstanding services all while managing large volumes of mail efficiently, complying with all postal regulations easily, and increasing revenue effortlessly. 

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