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Embrace Flex with Virtual Mailboxes

Now, more than ever, flexibility is as highly valued as income and location once were. With the desire for a more defined work/life balance, these generations flock towards flexible working solutions. 

Can you recall the last time you felt genuinely excited about returning to a corporate building, squeezing into a packed elevator, and settling into a small cubicle? No? Neither can we. And guess who else can’t even imagine working in such an environment? Millennials and Generation Z, who constitute the majority of today’s workforce. Now, more than ever, they prioritize flexibility as much as income and location. With a strong desire for a well-defined work/life balance, these generations gravitate towards flexible work solutions.

So, how does this concern you as a flexible operator? And where does postal mail management fit into all of this? This desire for flexibility and newfound freedom directly translates into a revenue stream for you—virtual mailboxes and efficient mail-handling services that transcend physical borders.

Here's what you give them:

➡️ Location independence

If given the choice between being able to work from wherever, whenever, or having one location for the entire year, most people would choose the flexible option. That’s what has propelled coworking spaces to become what they are now. People want to have the option to do things differently and in a way that makes sense with their lifestyle. That’s where having Virtual Mailboxes at your coworking space(s) can make a difference. Remote Workers don’t cease to need office-related perks just because they no longer have a physical space. On the contrary, their location independence directly correlates to the access they have to a permanent secure address.

➡️ A professional image

Nomadic workers tend to be entrepreneurs, freelancers, and content creators. Granted, these career paths are only some of the ones that can afford the flexibility of being a nomad, but they make up a greater section of the population. For freelancers and nomadic entrepreneurs, having a commercial business address can set them apart from just anyone else who might be doing the same as them. It serves a purpose. It helps build a stronger professional image.

Here's what they give you:

➡️ A potential ambassador and an incredibly diverse customer base

When your Virtual Office customers can be anywhere, you can trust that they will be everywhere. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, word-of-mouth referrals can be one of the strongest tactics to market your offerings and, when the services you’re offering are good, this almost takes care of itself.

Nomads come in all shapes and sizes. They engage in diverse fields and harbor a plethora of imaginative ideas. This perception, as it happens, is accurate and well-founded. We have the pleasure of hosting a number of such individuals at our coworking spaces. However, the truly remarkable aspect is their contribution to an immensely vibrant community. With a diverse clientele hailing from varied backgrounds, the possibilities to expand, forge connections, and flourish are boundless.

➡️ Revenue Growth

Not only is revenue growth expected, but it is also almost assured. The potential of monetization within Virtual Offerings is astounding, but since we’re talking about postal mail, let’s delve into PilotoMail’s monetization features: 

First, you make money off the mailbox alone. You set the price for your customer, which can look however you want to and be as inclusive or exclusive as you want it to be.

Second, the plans are completely customizable. On top of already making money for a plan, you also get to price the action requests your renters take on their postal mail. To learn more about how these work, you can find out more here.

Embracing flex can and does go beyond having spaces that target to clients locally, it’s also about providing virtual members the tools they need to succeed anywhere in the world, for however long they might be there.

About PilotoMail

PilotoMail is a mail management platform that creates recurring revenue streams for mailrooms through postal mail handling automation, and virtual mailboxes for the remote workforce. Property managers, coworking spaces, mail centers & registered agents can handle large volumes of mail efficiently, comply with all postal regulations, and increase revenue from their existing footprint effortlessly.

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