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USPS to Institute New Compliance Processes

The United States Postal Service has announced that starting July 1st, 2023 their compliance process for Commercial Mail Receiving Agents will be different.

The United States Postal Service announced there would be changes made to their compliance processes for Commercial Mail Receiving Agents. These changes will take effect July 1st, 2023, and will continue for the upcoming months in an effort to grant operators the time needed to transition into its new format successfully.

Let's define some key terms

CMRA: A CMRA is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent; this designation allows your business, as a mail operator to receive and handle mail on behalf of other people. (This is probably you 😉).

Form 1583 (Delivery of Mail through Agent): This is the form that renters have to fill out and sign in order to grant you access to their postal mail and stay compliant with the United States Postal Service regulations.

CRD: The Customer Registration Database is an online platform that the United States Postal Service will be using to store and manage compliance documents. This platform is set to be released officially on the 1st of July 2023.

Now that we understand the basics, this is what you need to know as a CMRA:

  1. The USPS Form 1583 — Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent has been updated, the bigger and most noticeable change although not required, is a space for notarization of the form.
  2. CMRAs are required to upload The USPS Form 1583 to the Customer Registration Database (CRD) with their respective IDs.
  3. As a CMRA you will not be required to keep the physical USPS Form 1583; it will suffice with a digital copy.
  4. As a CMRA you won’t be required to keep a copy of the applicant’s IDs.
  5. As a CMRA you won’t be required to update expired documents for closed PMBs.
  6. As a CMRA you must still re-mail PMB customer’s mail for 6 months after the termination date of their agency relationship.

As stated before, these changes will be implemented on the first of July of this year (2023), CMRAs will receive instructions on how to access the CRD via mail. As a CMRA you will have nine (9) months to upload the new and up-to-date documents to the CRD.

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