GCUC 2022

PilotoMail's GCUC Seattle Experience

Follow PilotoMail’s adventure in one of 2022’s biggest coworking conferences by GCUC in Seattle.

GCUC, "The Icing", and Indigo

If you attended last week’s GCUC Seattle conference you most likely took away these two images:  “the icing” of panelists on the closing talk that briefly discussed product mix diversification and the color purple. 

If you didn’t, let us recap it so that you get some massive FOMO and get your tickets to GCUC London conference in September. 

What is this “icing” that everyone keeps talking about? Well, let’s just say you had to be there. But the main takeaways were that our CEO can run in heels (we’ve got evidence), that Common Desk’s CEO sleeps in, and that Bond Collective and ThinkSpace’s founders are super hardcore and hiked 3,500 feet through rain and snow at 5 am (there was video footage evidence of this).

And the color purple? That’s our brand color. But actually, it’s indigo which is a lot harder to match on promo items and just about everything (uniqueness is always challenging).

GCUC 2022
GCUC 2022

So the point about the indigo is that it was everywhere. At our booth of course, but also on our CEO’s multiple outfit changes (impressive, right?) and of course at our epic happy hour where the Bees Knees specialty drink was, you guessed it, perfectly coordinated with our attire.  

When they got to talking about product mix diversification, the conversation was awesome. We witnessed the resilience and vulnerability of greats and how mailrooms, mail convos with members, mindfulness sessions, and honest conversations with their teams got them through the pandemic.

We also repeatedly heard that Food & Beverage is not just a cool amenity, but that the Future of Work requires it. Virtual Office members and hybrid teams come for the amenities and the lines between work and play are more blurred than ever before. So if you’re in the flex industry and don’t have a cool champagne bar as we do at our coworking space, Piloto151 (check out Pio Pio), or world-class baristas like Common Desk, or a floating bar on a lake like ThinkSpace, then you really ought to give this whole F&B thing some more thought. 

There was of course more to GCUC than the indigo and the “icing” panel. Aside from talking all things mail with fellow coworking aficionados, the PilotoMail team listened in on some pretty amazing presentations and masterclasses from industry leaders. 

Garrett Tichy from Hygge coworking highlighted the importance of creating a strong and memorable brand with curated and high-quality photographs and content that set you apart from the rest. Cat Johnson, from Coworking Convos, spoke about the importance of storytelling to differentiate your brand. 

GCUC 2022

Nick Clark from Common Desk went into a great deal of detail on how to structure and pitch a management agreement in flex peppered with an insider, possibly never-been-told-before moments, in the company’s early negotiations. The design team at Bond Collective made us all drool over their luscious build-outs and sumptuous furniture.

And finally, we, of course, can’t forget about Sofia’s workshop, Freedom From Square Feet, where she gave away our entire recipe for structuring our Virtual Office memberships and scaling our Virtual Offices to 40% of our revenue stack at our Piloto 151 spaces (through mail of course and virtual mailboxes powered by PilotoMail). 

The good news is that if you missed it, you can still catch a webinar, which won’t be as cool but will certainly be as value-packed. You can sign up for Sofia’s next webinar here

GCUC 2022

So there you have it. The most memorable GCUC moments summarized. You’re welcome.

Until next time, happy mailing!
The PilotoMail Team

PD Look for the indigo at GCUC London, we won't disappoint 🙂

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