PilotoMail integrates with Notarize

You asked, and we delivered! We’re happy to announce that Notarize will be integrated into PilotoMail for all your notary needs.

Integrating Notarize into PilotoMail 

You’ll be happy to know that PilotoMail has integrated with Notarize for all your notary needs! Notarize is the leading platform to notarize your documents online. Using its open API, you can present users with a seamless experience that allows them to fill out their CMRA form with a simple button. If you are an operator looking to be fully compliant without our existing Stripe integration, then you might be intrigued by what Notarize can offer you.

Ease of use for renters

Implementing Notarize into the platform offers a more straightforward user experience with a one-step process. With their powerful technologies, you can provide renters with a unique URL address to complete their compliance process. Once they have clicked on the link and the transaction is created, they are redirected to Notarize to start a notarization workflow. Notarize will verify the user’s identity and connect them with a notary agent in minutes. Renters will now have a seamless experience when completing their compliance process.

PilotoMail will be updating the compliance status

When a renter is in the notarization process, the platform will keep track of that. As an operator, you will see three statuses in your mailbox: pending, started, and compliant. Once a renter has accessed the provided link to fill out the CMRA form, the mailbox status will be marked as started. If everything went well for the renter and an agent reviewed the document, PilotoMail will mark it as compliant. Furthermore, three events could mark the compliance status as pending: if a transaction is expired or deleted or if there was a problem with the notarization process. Notarize has a compliance team that will decide if a document can be compliant. If you face any trouble, Notarize has 24/7 online support and will assist you if any problems occur.

How can it help?

If an operator has used Notarize before, it will be a welcoming fit for them to manage their mailbox compliance and have the CMRA form signed. Most importantly, this integration will provide a welcoming experience when renters need to complete the form. What looked like a step-by-step process will now be a one-step, easy-to-use experience. By providing PilotoMail with a few credentials from an existing Notarize account, the platform will help you set up an easy link for renters while tracking the compliance process to update the status of your mailbox. PilotoMail will also take care of filling out the CMRA documents. The only that needs to be filled into the form is a signature that your renter can do in a matter of seconds, cutting down the time it takes almost completely.

Compliance can be a tricky issue to navigate when dealing with postal mail, which is exactly why PilotoMail has created a seamless process that automates the most grueling aspects of it. With the latest Notarize integration, the platform offers you, as an operator, a different option to be compliant.

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