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New Year Mail (re)solution

As a new year arrives, a new set of goals come with it. It is the perfect time to review previous tasks and plan ahead for what may arise.

Hello 2023!

While you’ve probably established your personal resolutions for 2023, did you consider companywide resolutions? What’s your company looking to grow or improve?

We’ve gotten used to hearing the same resolutions year after year: start visiting the gym consistently, eating healthier, reading more, and all that motivational stuff. Yet, work-related company resolutions are sometimes harder to coordinate and achieve… So this year, we’re here to provide a solution, instead of making all those new ideas a resolution.

Why should postal mail be not only part of your New Year Resolution but also of your strategy?

Postal mail is not a fun topic of discussion and much less to strategize about. Still, we know that with mail comes a massive gap for new opportunities, especially this year.

For millennia before us, and quite frankly, millennia after us, the use of mail has been essential to connect communities across the globe, and isn’t that and isn’t that what Coworking is about? Spreading and incentivizing community. People have been sending letters since the dawn of civilization, and we continue to do so.

The only difference is we now have an even easier way to handle mail and an easier way to make more money out of it too.

So easier mail management and more revenue outcome? That sounds like a strategy I want to implement in 2023!

Where does PilotoMail come into all of this?

This 2023, we have made it our resolution to help others get started and grow using our mail management platform, PilotoMail. At our coworking spaces, Piloto 151, 40% of our revenue derives from Virtual Offices. We want to help you get to that 40% too.

If you’ve heard of PilotoMail, you may understand who we are and what we do. Or, you might already be a customer and are interested in how you can maximize all of our software’s features and revenue opportunities.

The good news is: Wherever you are in the journey, you’re still on time to implement a Mail Strategy for 2023. Make it a resolution to profit from your virtual offices and mail handling services. 

How have we done this?

We made mail a part of our growth strategy and, to reach 40%, you need to do this too!

What do we mean by this? 

We didn’t just add mail services as an ancillary service because we felt we had to. Instead, we made it one of our core services and offers. We embedded mail services into all of our plans and started promoting our virtual offices more than ever: on our spaces’ TV screens, posted social media announcements, and, using SEO strategies, added it to out website and blog posts. Small steps like these lead to significant outcomes and word-of-mouth referrals. They can be implemented with little effort and can provide great results to help kickstart your 2023 mail strategy.

Of course, PilotoMail will be the icing on the cake, making managing mail much easier and more efficient. That’s precisely why we’re here, to help you thrive and grow your mail revenue.

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