GWA 2022

GWA 2022 Roundup

Here are the top 3 takeaways from Global Workspace Association’s Flex Forward Conference in Frisco, Texas.

A few weeks ago, we participated in our first Global Workspace Association’s (GWA) Flex Forward Conference in Frisco, Texas. It was an incredible experience to be alongside so many friends, community members, and business partners. We certainly look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Industry leaders and innovators dished out advice and pointers about growing in Flex, how they see the industry’s future moving forward, and chatted about how they’ve achieved greatness.

GWA 2022 panel

Our team's 3 takeaways from GWA 2022

1. Coworking is the future

The coworking industry continues to grow and expand, positioning itself as a new frontier for workers everywhere. It offers more flexibility in allowing companies to scale or minimize operations as needed and empowers a new generation of coworkers. More notably since the pandemic, people find themselves wanting access to Flex environments that offer them community, collaboration, and the ability to work alongside like-minded folks.

2. Culture is King

We know that a company’s culture is one of its most valuable assets. It can make or break a company. Sari Lash, Director of Brand and Culture at 25N Coworking, mentioned that sometimes company values are stored and used for marketing materials and that it is essential for a company to embrace what they’re about. Here’s what we know: Culture comes from truth. A unique culture will follow when you believe in and represent your company’s core values.

3. Yeah, it’s also about marketing.

We know that a big part of why people choose coworking spaces is the hospitality and in-person value that comes with it. However, even when they get most of the value as in-person interactions, their review of your businesses has a heavy and pretty important web trail. Why is this important? As operators, being on top of your social media game is essential; you have to know what people are saying about your business, whether good or bad and get on top of it accordingly. Now, when it comes to marketing your services or spaces, word-of-mouth referral is a tried and tested way. When people trust you and believe in what you have to offer, they will talk to colleagues, family, and friends about you.

To recap...

  • Coworking as a business and working model is here to stay and to break the rules of what we have considered “normal” for over a century.
  • Invest time and effort in your company’s culture; it is what moves and creates waves when you don’t.
  • To market is to grow, and vice versa; you need to put your business out there, especially create a digital footprint, to be found.

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