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Virtual Mailbox

A cloud-based extension of your physical mail


What Is A Virtual Mailbox

A virtual inbox for your postal mail

View your mail correspondence when it arrives, no matter where you are. Like an email inbox for your postal mail, a virtual mailbox sends you notifications on postal mail you receive at your mail address. You get to see a picture of each piece and even make requests (such as forwarding, opening, scanning, and shredding*). Yes, your mail just went digital. 


Accept Your Invitation

Check your email for your invitation! Open the email and click the link to activate. Create your account and follow along with the instructions to configure your account.


Configure Your Mailbox

It's time to customize your experience as a mailbox renter. Configure your mailbox to automate (or not) action requests and authorize other people to pick up a correspondence on your behalf. You can also update notification settings for when your mail arrives and set your address book with forwarding addresses.


View Your Postal Mail Online & Submit Action Requests From Anywhere

As you receive mail and packages at your business center, you'll receive a notification that you've got mail! From your virtual mailbox, make requests on individual pieces, such as open & scan to view contents, forward to an address of choice, shred, and storage (available requests will depend on your mail operator).

My Address

After your mailbox is assigned to your account, you can find your full business address under your profile. It includes a PMB (private mailbox number) that is unique to you and your business. 

Like a P.O. Box number, a private mailbox includes a personal number for a mail operator to identify each mailbox.

A virtual business address should always include a private mailbox number, or PMB, that is unique to you as a renter.

Accessing & Using My Mailbox

Your mail operator will assign your account a personal virtual mailbox. Once you sign up, check your email inbox for an invitation to activate your mailbox. Follow the prompts to register your account.

For more detailed steps, follow the steps to activate your mailbox.

Compliance Process

Compliance — or being compliant — refers to abiding by the guidelines designated by the US Postal Service for Commercial Mail Receiving Agency offering services to mailbox renters.

As part of the CMRA onboarding process, a mailbox renter must authorize a CMRA to receive and handle mail on their behalf. That includes a CMRA verifying their customer’s identity and signing USPS Form 1583.

If your mail operator is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) following U.S. Postal Regulations, they would need to verify your identity before starting mail handling services.

Complete the steps for all authorized recipients in each company for which mail will be received.

Action Requests

Your mail operator can offer different mail handling services for your mail. As a virtual mailbox renter, you can submit various action requests on how your operator will handle your mail, depending on those made available. For example, action requests can vary between open and scan, forward, deposit, recycle, check deposit, leave at office, and shred.

You can set up automatic action requests when new mail is assigned to your virtual mailbox.

For example, if you enable automatic open & scan, you authorize your mail operator to open and scan the contents of every piece of mail you receive.