5 steps to get started with PilotoMail

Walk through everything you need to know about shipping mail rates to complete requests successfully.
Let’s start your mail journey. Jump into PilotoMail with confidence using these steps for easy mail management with PilotoMail by your side.

We created this guide for anyone new to PilotoMail (welcome!) or trying out our mail management platform, so feel free to pass this on to your team members as well. We’ll start off with a few foundational items and then our 5 steps.
Set up your physical mailroom
Before anything, we want to make sure you have a dedicated space for mail and packages. Organization is key here. If your volume of incoming mail is not big, start out with a filing cabinet, label your files by renter or company name, and arrange them alphabetically. You can expand into cubes as your mail handling service grows. Filing cabinets can get tight and harder to handle as new customers get comfortable sending mail your way.
Set up your virtual mailroom
Decide how many complimentary action requests you will include in your offering and how much you will charge per action request. You can also set up your brand settings that will decorate your customer’s virtual mailbox.
Take our test mailbox for a spin
We highly recommend you use our test mailbox. Have fun learning how a virtual mailbox works from your renter’s side so you can answer any of their future questions.
Invite Your Customers
To onboard your renters to their shiny new virtual mailbox, it’s as easy as adding a new mailbox. Add your renter‘s details and PilotoMail will automatically send your customer their mailbox invite.
Managing Mail
And now obi-wan, you are ready. Duty calls! Managing mail with PilotoMail can be divided into four steps: Arrange, Upload, Assign, and File (AUAF). Now, in between the last two steps, there is one sub-step: completing automatic requests.
Sort incoming mail alphabetically
As mail arrivals, separate envelopes from mailers and packages and arrange them in alphabetical order. With a marker, identify each package with your renter’s name or company name.
This step helps save time when you have to sort mail, navigate your mailroom, and search for customers’ mail and packages when it’s time to sign them out.
Upload: Start with the packages
When you are done sorting envelopes in alphabetical order and separating them from packages, upload packages first as those are the most tracked and highly anticipated by customers. I mean, who isn’t eager to receive goodies?
Snap a pic of the labeled side of each piece of mail (using our operator app). It will upload to your operator platform for you to start the tracking process of all mail that arrives at your space.
Assign each mail ID to its mailbox
Spend quality time with your PilotoMail dashboard. Go over the unassigned pieces of mail and mail ID carefully. Who is it addressed to? Search mailbox by PMB or company info. Let’s get that mail trail flowing and clean out your dashboard.
Complete automatic requests
Remember that sub-step that we mentioned earlier? This is it! We hope that you held on tight to the envelopes. After assigning the mail, if the recipient has signed up for automatic requests, these will pop up on your dashboard right away! Make Rihanna proud – work, work, work. Take care of these requests before filing.
File all the letters
Hide all correspondence under the rug – just kidding, put it away neatly and safely in each mailbox. Have a designated area for all packages. Arrange them next to each other in alphabetical order. Seriously, we are number one fans of ABCs. They work wonders! 
File each letter where it belongs. Pair each letter to its mailbox. Let them rest. They have been through a lot, okay?
Organization Will Set You Free
Hopefully, these five tips will help you become the mail management guru your virtual mailroom needs! We are your mail conscience and your number one fans. You can tell us all about fulfilling requests successfully later! XOXO Your mail management software bestie, PilotoMail.