PilotoMail integrates with Deskworks

Are you using Deskworks in your Coworking Space? If so, we have great news for you!

Great news! PilotoMail will offer Satellite Deskworks, reliable software to manage your flex coworking places.

About Satellite Deskworks

Satellite Deskworks was designed by and for workspace operators and is one of the first players to collaborate with coworking spaces. It offers automated workspace operations, such as a billing system and cloud-based solutions for managing your spaces. Deskworks is an excellent option for a small business looking for fast scalability with reliable solutions.

Why Choose Deskworks

It can be challenging to choose a coworking management system since there are many options available. However, Deskworks is a well-established company and has been chosen by top coworking spaces around the world. Therefore, there is a high chance that your space already operates on this management system. We want new clients to feel welcomed to PilotoMail, and if you already own Satellite Deskworks, this will be a great fit for you!

How Deskworks Can Help

Satellite Deskworks is here to facilitate operators with their day-to-day operations. For example, if you choose or already use Deskworks, you only need to worry about one billing form. Another core feature of the integration is that you can easily map your spaces and mailbox offerings directly from PilotoMail. You can safely rely on that all your information in PilotoMail and Satellite Deskworks will sync. 

How To Get Started

First, directly sign up with Satellite Deskworks. If you are already a member, then you are ready to go!

  1. This integration will mainly need a user and password from an administrator. You can locate this information in the Deskworks dashboard under System > Administrators. There you will find a table where all the admin information will be stored.
  2. Additionally, we will need the Tenant URL located in the address link on your Deskworks dashboard. Just copy and paste up to the domain name.
  3. After gathering all the information, you will be ready to link Deskworks plans and locations with PilotoMail offerings and spaces.

*Please note that changes in Deskworks can take up to 5 minutes to reflect on the operators’ dashboard in PilotoMail.

We are super excited to bring more integration into PilotoMail to offer you the flexibility to fit your needs. To learn more about Satellite Deskworks and all its amazing features, visit Satellite Deskworks.

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