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Paid Ways to Advertise your Spaces' Offerings

Although there are many ways to promote your services that don’t require you to incur any additional expenses, if you are in a position where you can consider putting aside a budget for digital advertising, you should. 

“You gotta lose money to make money,” or so the saying goes.

Although money well spent on advertising will definitely have a return on investment, it requires you to put down an initial budget. Let’s start out by hashing out any doubts about paid media being the right fit for you.

If you’re reading this, you have probably already decided that the next step for your business is paid advertising; here are some of the ways you can maximize it:

Meta (FaceBook and Instagram) Ads

Meta Ads is one of the most used advertising platforms. It is known for its robust algorithm, which allows you to reach more consumers depending on your budget and business wants and needs. You can create a number of campaigns with different goals, such as conversions, reach, traffic, and many more, depending on the type of campaign you want to run. It also has a vast library of keywords, demographics, and job titles that you can target when creating your ads.

Another massive benefit of Meta ads is that you can create custom audiences from people who visited your website, viewed your videos for a set amount of time, or engaged with any of your social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram. These audiences are great for retargeting customers who have seen your AD before and may have considered signing up for your product or service. It’s important to create retargeting campaigns because it is estimated that a prospect sees your AD an average of 7 times before they consider buying the product or service. By creating retargeting campaigns, you will make sure to always be in your prospects’ feeds.


Just like Meta ads, Google Ads are one of the preferred platforms for online advertisement. Adwords runs your ADs on Google’s platform when people search for products like yours. You can choose between running search campaigns targeting specific keywords related to your service or you can also choose between dynamic campaigns that appear dynamically if someone searches for something related to your ad. It also displays ADs on other affiliated platforms like YouTube. These ADs are also known as pay-per-click (PPC) because the amount of money spent is calculated based on the individual clicks your ADs get.

Instagram Boosts

Not a huge budget? No worries, you can boost specific posts on Instagram and target a broader audience with a budget and timeline of your choice. While these aren’t always the top way to drive customers, it does help boost social media presence and engagement.


Localizing SEO can be an expense well worth the wait. SEO or Search Engine Optimization well done can secure you a top spot on a search engine like Google and its counterparts. This allows content to be viewed by more people. It is achievable by using keywords in strategic placement within your content that get picked up by search engines when a person is researching a related topic. There are many different courses available online that you can invest in if you’re interested in learning for yourself, or you can always hire an SEO expert and assign a set monthly budget for this.

To recapitulate, paid advertising online can look different depending on the platform you choose, but they all have an equal goal, to get prospective clients engaged with your service. It is a more proactive way to reach new audiences and boost your business’s online presence. If you’re still wondering if paid advertising is the right fit for you, check out some inexpensive ways to market your business here.


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