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Your Account Settings

After selecting Account Details, a dropdown menu will appear. Click on Copy Link for Login to share with a user the link to your login page. You can then paste to an email, browser, or wherever you may need.

Before sharing, make sure the user has an assigned mailbox. A user needs to have a mailbox assigned before they can use an account. 

Select Settings in the Account Settings drop-down menu. Under Mailbox Settings, set up how much you will charge for each mailbox i.e. the mailbox price.

Select Settings in the Account Settings drop-down menu. Under Mailbox Settings, you can enforce users to complete their ID verification by selecting and activating the button in the  Compliance section.

You can also input a grace period for users, the number of days after a user has set up their mailbox before they are forced to complete the ID verification process.

This will allow a user to view their mail but not make any action requests.

Select Settings in the Account Settings drop-down menu. Under Request Settings, you can choose the number of free requests per month and how much you will charge for each action request.

Select Settings in the Account Settings drop-down menu. Go to Billing Settings to choose your payment gateway from the dropdown.

Select Settings in the Account Settings drop-down menu. Go to Access Settings to manage who has access to the tenant. Select Invite Tenant Owners to send them an invitation by email.

At the moment, only one level of access is available for tenant owners. 

Select Settings in the Account Settings drop-down menu. Go to Brand Settings to customize your client-facing app with your brand colors and logo.

Select Settings in the Account Settings drop-down menu. Go to Terms of Use to manage versions of your terms.

Simply, select the +Add New Version button. Upload your document by dragging and dropping the file onto the designated area or select Add A File.

The Terms of Use will pop up first for a new user to check off before starting to use their mailbox. 

Managing Your Dashboard

You will find all pending action requests on your dashboard. Once they are fulfilled, your dashboard will automatically update. Select each box for a full view of all the pending requests. 

  • Scan Requests: number of requests for mail to be scanned.
  • Forward Requests: number of requests for mail to be forwarded by postal courier to a user.
  • Pending Assignments: number of mail item images that have been uploaded but not assigned to a mailbox.
  • Shred Requests: number of requests for mail to be shredded. 
  • Deposit Requests: number of requests for checks to be deposited. 
  • Delivery Requests: number of requests for mail to be delivered directly to a user.
  • Unassigned: View all your mail pending to be assigned. 
  • Requests: View all your mail requests, pending and completed. You can select the Filters button to filter by:
    • Status: pending or completed
    • Action: action requests such as scans, mail forwards, etc.
    • User: the user who requested the action request.
    • Completed By: the operator who completed the request.
  • Mailboxes: Check out all the mailboxes you have active. Here you can see if the mailbox is active, compliance status, and view all their mail. You can also filter the view by Box Id, Mailbox Name, Company Name, Authorized Recipients, and Authorized Staff. 
  • Mail: Filter all the mail in your system by mailbox, user, or action request status.
  • Renters: Filter your mailbox renters by First Name, Last Name, email, and phone number.
  • Spaces: Check out all your spaces! You can also add a new space in this view.

Take pictures of each piece of mail item as it arrives using your mobile app. 

  • Tap on the camera icon on the top menu bar. It will open up your phone camera. Take the picture and tap on Use Photo. If you want to retake it, tap Retake.
  • On the bottom, tap on Mail to see all the uploaded mail.

You can also upload pictures of mail items from your computer. 

  • Select Upload view in the top bar.
  • Drag and drop files onto the designated area or select
  • Select Mailboxes.
  • Scroll to locate the user’s PMB or use the filter box using the user’s Mailbox Name, Company Name, Authorized Recipients, or Authorized Staff. 
  • Select View Mail on the right side of the screen.
  • If the view is empty, they have no mail in their mailbox.

Setting Up A New Mailbox

Inviting a new mailbox renter to your space? Let’s start by creating a virtual mailbox and assigning it to the renter.

A mailbox is a physical place where renters receive their snail mail. By creating a virtual mailbox in your platform, operators are digitizing the contents of a mailbox and converting its contents into a virtual mailbox.

  • Select the Mailboxes view in the top bar of your dashboard.
  • Select the button New Mailbox.
  • Fill out the user’s information and select the button Save Mailbox. When you Save the Mailbox. If not sure, select Cancel located on the top right corner.
  • After saving the mailbox, add the new mailbox renter’s email under Mailbox Manager.
  • Select the + button to send the invitation. It will automatically send an invitation to the user to register and access their assigned mailbox.

When setting up a new mailbox, our system will automatically generate an ID.

If you would prefer to create your own, click the checkbox to enter your own custom ID.

This information will autofill the user’s CMRA form (USPS Form 1583).

Under Name, write the user’s Company Name. If you are setting up a mailbox for an individual, enter the person’s name.

The Company Name and Company Registration Name are most usually the same. Again, if the mailbox you are creating is for an individual and not a company, write the person’s name.

A mailbox renter can assign different users, depending on the level of access they want to give their team. 

As an operator, you can update them for a renter by selecting the Mailboxes view on the top bar and clicking the PMB or mailbox name of the renter.

But, what is the difference between mailbox managers, authorized recipients, and pickup staff?

  Mailbox Managers have full access to receive mail, request actions, and invite other users to your virtual mailbox. 

  Mail Pick Up Staff are only authorized to pick up mail on a renters behalf but do not have access to your virtual mailbox.

  Mail Recipients can receive mail and request actions but don’t have access to manage the account (unless added as a mailbox manager). As a mail operator will be receiving mail on their behalf, they would also have to validate their identity on the platform and include their email. 

The ‘You’ve Got Mail’ email notifies a user that they’ve got mail. Notifications for new incoming mail are scheduled for once a day at the moment.

A user can access their mailbox directly through this email. 


Action Requests

There are a couple of ways to find a user’s mail and check them out. Visit Mailboxes and search for the user’s PMB or Company Name.

Go to View Mail at the right side of the row. Select the check box for the mail item you are checking out. If you have more than one mail item to check out, Select All

  • In the top bar, select Requests. After choosing and selecting the desired request you want to cancel, a side view of the requested item’s details will appear.  
  • Scroll to the bottom and if necessary, write a note under Cancel Reason.

To cancel, select the button Cancel Action Request.

If USPS or other postal carriers do not recognize the forwarding address submitted by the user, cancel the request with a note to the user asking them to verify and resubmit the address.

Action requests may be unavailable for a user for a couple of reasons. Make sure to verify:

  • If their mailbox has been canceled. The platform should be notifying the user of the error as their mailbox is inactive. 
  • If there is another pending request for that item. 
  • Users can’t access/find their mailbox in their account.


Verify that the mailbox is compliant under the Compliance Status column.

In the top bar, select Mailboxes and check the Compliance Status column. The user’s mailbox may not be accessible if it states that the compliance status is Pending. The managers and recipients may not have accepted their mailbox invitation or uploaded their IDs.

If it says Compliant, check if the managers and recipients have uploaded their IDs. If they have, contact us. 

Below is a listing of documents that we can accept as proof of identity, address, and entity. Acceptable identity documents vary by country, however, a passport scan for identity verification is always acceptable and is preferred. 

  • Passport
  • Passport card
  • Driver license
  • State issued ID card
  • Resident permit ID / U.S. Green Card
  • Border crossing card
  • Child ID card
  • NYC card
  • a (U.S. visa card)
  • Birth Certificate